A solution in which a virtual barrier is created around a defined area. A geo-fence is used to trigger or show eligibility, and receive certain ads and notifications based on the location of user’s device.

Contextual Targeting

Places your ads in front of people who are browsing sites that fall under a relevant content category.


Geo-audience selection allows you to define the demographics and consumer behavior. Base your marketing and advertising strategy on real-world activity to ensure you are reaching your target consumer accurately and efficiently

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Location based targeting is evolving rapidly, making real time messaging more powerful than ever.

Empower your Digital Marketing Initiative with a Custom Package of Location-Based Solutions

Target your audience with access to accurate Geo-fencing, re-targeting, and behavioral targeting via billions of location-aware data points. Our Geo-targeting capabilities enable you to deepen your engagement with online consumers and serve the right ad to the right person at the right time and place.

What is Geo-Fencing / Micro-Proximity?

Geo-Fencing and Micro-Proximity targets people based on their current actual physical location.

If a marketer wants to reach anyone walking the floor of their biggest competitors in real time, now they can with Micro-Proximity.

Marketers identify specific commercial locations where their ideal target audience is located. These locations are mapped and turned into targetable data segments.

These data segments are used to target a programmatic advertising campaign across thousands of apps in real time.