What is Programmatic Digital Advertising?

Targeted digital advertising or "Programmatic Advertising" is an effective method of online promotion and paid advertising.

It strategically places web ads towards audiences with specific characteristics or interests. Qualified audiences thus increase chances of them purchasing or becoming curious in the product or service.

Additionally, this form of pay per click (PPC) will allocate your marketing spend and ensure maximum marketing cost efficiency.

It provides leverage to advertisers so they can use online data from previous marketing campaigns and target qualified audiences.

If a business is looking to better their marketing plan, then targeted advertising is the solution.

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How Can We Assist You With Your Programmatic Digital Advertising Strategy?

Adfuel utilizes a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that incorporates programmatic advertising features and enables an advertiser to target the appropriate audience according to their marketing goals.

Our agency researches consumer behavior based on your industry niche so you can use it to help enhance your marketing strategy.

In fact, our team of digital marketing professionals, graphic designers and web design specialists  can create and implement eye-catching ads in any format. We will assist you in hitting your key performance indicators and ultimately improve your return on investment (ROI) that your business is looking for.

Wondering if targeted digital advertising is right for you? Contact Adfuel to learn how we can improve your online advertising!

Adfuel’s Partners are using Programmatic to help local marketers save time and money by managing the landscape of digital advertising through a single relationship.

Adfuel Partners are able to immediately increase their ability to solve client problems and increase revenue through Adfuel's turn-key Programmatic solutions.

Partners are able to differentiate their solutions in a highly commoditized market by leveraging Adfuel's platform, which offers the most advanced Programmatic options.

What kind of targeting are marketers leveraging?

Programmatic advertising has nearly unlimited targeting options. Adfuel’s Programmatic platform has over 70 different third party data sources providing thousands of ways to segment a marketer’s target audience.

Typical Adfuel’s Programmatic campaigns marry content targeting, structured data from 3rd party sources, 1st party data from the Partner, first party data from the advertiser, unstructured data from third party sources, and/or geo targeting.

The marketer relies on Adfuel’s award winning operations team and Adfuel’s built-in artificial intelligence to guarantee optimal campaign performance from the first impression.

Why is Adfuel the best partner for Programmatic Advertising?

Adfuel’s team of campaign managers are armed with the best tools, systems, and processes in the local Programmatic advertising industry. Most Partners choose Adfuel’s because of the focus on quality, execution, and technology.