What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation is how customers view the quality of your business on the sites that matter most.  Your online image explicitly reflects your business and building a good standing will allow potential customers to be absolutely certain about choosing your product or service.

Furthermore, reputation management is the process of managing customer’s online reviews about your business so that it attracts customers rather than discourages them.

Why is Online Reputation Important?

It is important to mention that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting businesses or paying for a service. Customers have the ability to communicate their opinions on the internet which makes first impressions important.

Similarly, your online reputation also determines how you organically rank in search results.  Reputation management along with Web Design are both important factors in getting found by customers, building brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction.

Review Builder is an online business tool that ensures that your business has a positive online presence while building trust with your customers and controlling your digital narrative.

How Can Your Business Improve its Online Presence?

Adfuel’s reputation management software enables you to manage customer feedback within a single user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to promote your business and turn negative experiences into positive reviews.

Our solution asks customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process that will ultimately give you the chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review!

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