Targeted Digital Advertising



What is Targeted Digital Advertising?


Targeted Digital Advertising is an effective method of online promotion. It strategically places web ads towards audiences with specific characteristics or interests in order to increase chances of them purchasing or becoming curious in the product or service.

Additionally, this form of online promotion will allocate your marketing spend to the right audiences and ensure maximum marketing cost efficiency.

Interestingly enough, marketing Professor Charles Taylor from the Villanova School of Business says that targeted digital marketing or “programmatic advertising” enables a business to effectively distribute marketing costs and use online data from previous marketing campaigns to target qualified audiences. If a business is looking to better their marketing plan, then targeted advertising is the solution.

How Can We Assist You With Your Targeted Digital Advertising Strategy?


Adfuel utilizes an Demand Side Platform that enables a business to target the appropriate audience according to their marketing goals. Consumer behaviors and demographics such as age, income, occupation,and location are only several characteristics that we can use to help you improve your marketing strategy.

In fact, our team of digital marketing professionals and web design specialists  can design and implement eye-catching ads in any format. We will assist you in hitting your key performance indicators and ultimately improve your return on investment that your business is looking for.

Wondering if targeted digital advertising is right for you? Contact Adfuel to learn how we can improve your online advertising!

Standard Display


We show your ad to your ideal audience while they browse the web, and retarget those who visit your website to ensure top-quality impressions and the most possible conversions for your campaign.

HTML5 Support at no cost

HTML and JS tags are accepted for display campaigns — animations accepted via tags

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Laptop Ad Large

Laptop Ad Top

Laptop Ad Bottom

Tablet Ad

Mobile Ad

Mobile Ad Bottom

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Native Advertisement


Native advertising can display your ad to fit the style of the platform it is placed on, engaging your audience in a natural way.

The ad becomes part of the way they experience relevant content, resulting in stronger engagement and recall, and the ads are retargeted to your audience once they have clicked through. 


Placed within content


Formatted like content


Aligned with content or target audience


Marked as being sponsored

Video Ad Formats


Video ads can communicate more than standard display ads, and we make sure your video is placed most effectively

Your audience can also be retargeted when they show interest which will ultimately  maximize your campaign to best serve your business

Native Video

The video ad is placed between the paragraphs of an article that includes a headline and body text

Native Outstream

Any video media ad can be placed between the paragraphs of an article except this one plays only when in view

In-app Interstitial Video

Ads expand to fill mobile screen

Pre-Mid-Post Roll

This video ad plays before, during or after a user’s intended video

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Native Video

Native Outstream

In-app Interstitial Video

Pre-Mid-Post Roll

Smart TV
(LG, Samsung, Sony)

Set Top Box
(Roku, Chromecast)

Gaming Console
(Xbox, Playstation)

Connected TV Ad


Engage viewers on the big screen when they’re in a relaxed state of mind and more receptive to brand advertisements

Connected TV Advertising Channels