Video Ad Distribution

Premium, professionally produced video content (not the banner ads that sometimes appear on CTV devices).

Over-The-Top (OTT):
Content goes “over” your cable box to deliver
content via the Internet rather than from a cable provider.

Full-Episode Player (FEP):
Professionally produced, TV-like content that can appear on any device, on both app and web browsers. Content is typically TV length (30-60 mins) with commercials.

Live Streaming:
Content being served over the Internet, from real-time paid streaming service or directly from a network.

Video On Demand (VOD):
An alternative to live streaming, this allows consumers to catch up if they miss an episode, and many content providers offer both Live and VOD content.

Full-Episode Player (FEP):
More people use streaming services over cable subscription – 67% of respondents (and 77% of Millennials) watch streaming services.


Video Advertisement Formats

Video Advertisement which can communicate more than standard display ads, and we make sure your video is placed most effectively.
Your audience can also be retargeted when they show interest which will ultimately  maximize your campaign to best serve your business

Native Video

The video ad is placed between the paragraphs of an article that includes a headline and body text

Native Outstream

Any video media ad can be placed between the paragraphs of an article except this one plays only when in view

In-app Interstitial Video

Ads expand to fill mobile screen

Pre-Mid-Post Roll

This video ad plays before, during or after a user’s intended video


Native Video

Native Outstream

In-app Interstitial Video

Pre-Mid-Post Roll

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