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What is Wifi Marketing?


Wifi Marketing is the use of the internet by retailers, restaurants, or other businesses to obtain consumer information for promotional and remarketing purposes.

Approximately 96% of consumers prefer businesses that offer free Wifi and is especially beneficial if a business is looking to connect with customers. Free internet also increases your chances of returning customers because it gives them a reason to stay within the premises.

How Can Wifi Marketing Help You?


Adfuel will assist your business in turning free WiFi hotspots into powerful marketing platforms by gathering data and sending traffic to designated online locations. It is easy to set your marketing on auto-pilot with our social powered WiFi systems.

In fact, with the data gathered from WiFi hotspots, businesses can discover trends among consumers and optimize their marketing strategy accordingly.

Turn your guest WiFi into a powerful social WiFi tool that will help you obtain marketing research and customer insights. Obtain qualified leads and stand out from competitors. Look below for more information!

Use Free Internet Outlets to Your Advantage!

Wifi Marketing Strategy

Turn Free WiFi HotSpots Into Powerful Marketing Platforms


Our WiFi targeting system is an industry standard that is effective in gathering customer data and ultimately enhance your marketing strategy.

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Social WiFi Logins

Consumers login with their emails or social media accounts which is gathered into a email list pool that can be used for email campaigns.

Grow Customer Lists

Our WiFi marketing platform is effective in gathering customer’s information such as demographics and consumer behavior which can be used to understand your customer base and plan your next steps correspondingly.

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Custom Splash Pages

Easily customize splash pages to match your brand and presence. Add your logo, background images and choose types of login options.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

When a customer logs into your FREE wifi hostspot provided by Wifirockits.com, they will be directed to a customizable page that can request customer feedback and reviews.

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Automated SMS & Email Marketing

Your business will be able to set up automated text and email campaigns to zero in on your customers. You will also be able   to send mass offers, promotions, and messages to your customers.

Social Widgets & Deals/Promotions

When a customer logs into your FREE WiFi hotspot provided by WifiRockits, they will be directed to a customization page that can display social widgets and/or deals and promotions for your business.

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