4 Tips on How to Create a Blog!

Are you a small business or contractor with a lot of knowledge to share? Are you interested in starting a blog?

Entering the blogosphere is a great way to not only share this knowledge, but also gain online visibility and recognition. Once you have chosen your topics, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Blog writing is a terrific way to show that your business knows their industry inside out. Blog content is also an SEO factor. Adding a blog can actually increase your online site traffic by almost 400% 

It gives your site a chance to rank for a search query in Google and get noticed.

There are countless tips on how to create a blog on the web but we’ll show you basic starter points for beginners or those considering writing blogs!

Here’s 4 Tips on How to Create a Blog Effectively:

1) Finding and Developing Your Blogging Voice

A “blogging voice” is the tone in which you speak to the reader.

If your business voice is professional and to-the-point, your blog voice should be as well.

The key is consistency. Don’t write when you’re tired or affected by life’s ups and downs. Always keep the tone and the mood the same!

Always come back to your writing when you think you have done enough and see whether it is changing.

When choosing your tone, it can be beneficial to speak in the first person. That way, it appears more personal and relatable to the viewer and it may spur them into action.

Feel free to play around and be selective with your choice of words. It is all about the personality of your business. Experimenting with different tones will engage a variety of audiences.

Becoming a great writer takes time. It’s important to start where you’re at and keep progressing your skills.

2) Pick Your Overarching Topic

Just because you’re a restaurant, doesn’t mean you can ONLY write about your food. Be creative and embrace multiple topics and conversations.

For example, you can write about your city, events, cooking styles, food shows, or biographies on your staff and customers.

Think outside the box! Pooling ideas and discussing a wide variety of topics in your niche will also attract a multitude of people to your blog.

Your audience will come to expect your blogs to fit within your theme, but you can play around and keep them entertained with variety.

3) Write like an Expert

To gain credibility, you must be seen as the expert. Showing people not only what you know, but how they can put those skills into practice is crucial in turning your status from newbie to expert.

Backing up your facts with statistics, testimonials and other credible resources will strengthen your brand’s identify.

It also builds trust among your customers which shows that they can rely on your advice for future product or service inquiries.

Additionally, thoroughly explaining your hands-on experience and how you got to where you currently are will increase credibility and relatability.  Your audience will expect nothing less.

4) Consider Adding a List

Did you know blogs with numbered lists get better engagement than those that don’t? Do you have a recipe? Put it in a step-by-step guide.

Do you have information to share? Break it into a five-point-plan. Writing compelling headlines/subheadings, will also organize the content for the reader.

Take what you have, and use it in condensed form. This way, you’ll have more content for more blogs.

With the bulleted lists and headings, adding images with the content will further add to engagement.

How to start a blog?

In summary, blogs are great for SEO and if your business is new or you are looking to improve your current one, blogging is a great idea for engaging your audience and getting noticed on the web.

When you start your blog, it’s important to make it a resource that is relatable, credible and interesting.

Pay attention to what topics get the most responses and attention. You don’t have to completely cater to your readers, but if you aren’t giving them something worth reading, they’ll likely find another blog that will.

If you found these tips on how to create a blog informative, make sure you share it on on social media!

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