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Who are we?

Adfuel is North America’s most progressive digital marketing company and publisher of advanced targeted advertising.

Trusted by Hundreds of Digitally-Savvy Clients

We possess the technology and the platform for full digital marketing execution. Thanks to proper utilization of Universal Advertising, Adfuel is able to automate personalized marketing campaigns across several channels, devices & Ad Formats.

Adfuel is a digital marketing company that specializes in all the latest internet marketing trends. Whether you are looking to get more leads, traffic, sales or just want a new website, Adfuel is the way to go. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a team of experts in every field we can't wait to show you how our services can benefit your business.

Universal Platform
digital marketing company

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Adfuel is a holistic marketing solution that helps you execute your digital marketing strategy to perfection. With a suite of solutions that work seamlessly together, we will enable you to achieve your goals 40% faster!

Campaigns: Need to advertise a product or service? Run social media campaigns? All this and more can be done with Adfuel's campaign dashboard.

Channels: Promote products and services on social media channels, generate leads, or run email marketing campaigns with Delightfully. Metrics: Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them by using our analytics platform.

Optimization: We optimize your campaigns and make them cost-effective. Let our experts do the job for you!

Your display advertising partner

Adfuel connects advertisers with publishers to create a seamless and effective advertising campaign. We're experts in what we do, and our team of professionals has the skills to take your campaign from conception to completion.

It's all about the results: We deliver measurable results that are tailored to your specific advertising needs. Our team of experts will work with you to get you the best results possible with no hassle or fuss involved.

We're online experts: We specialize in digital advertising and have the skills needed to produce an effective campaign for you. Whether you need a banner, a video or a social media campaign, we've got it covered.

It's all about the numbers: We'll work with you to find out what your goals are, how much you're looking to spend and how much traffic you want us to target. Then we'll craft an ad that meets your needs and budget.

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Reach the exact prospective customer you’re looking for, no matter the device.

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Your campaigns are optimized 2-3 times each week vs. the industry standard of 2-3 times per month, to optimize ad delivery and engagement.

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You can see how often your ads are shown to your target audience, clicked on, and how often they drive someone to your site at a later date.

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Branding & Trust

Display campaigns tie the rest of your marketing efforts together and communicate your message.

Using Real-Time Data

Your campaigns are optimized 2-3 times each week vs. the industry standard of 2-3 times per month, to optimize ad delivery and engagement.

See all your data in one place

See all your data in one placeAdfuel offers a unified advertising reporting interface that allows for viewing performance metrics and impressions for all channels in one place.

One-stop advertising management: With Adfuel's unified reporting feature, you can track your ad performance on different channels. We provide you with detail - oriented data access so that you can visualize the performance of your campaigns across all channels easily and efficiently.

Easy-to-read reports: Adfuel provides detailed, easy-to-read reports that make it easy to understand the details of your advertising campaign. Whether you want to check the performance metrics or conversions, we provide you with everything you need to know to manage your campaign.

Lowering Your Total Cost

Unlike other existing platforms which require you learning how to operate multiple platforms, with Adfuel we take it on, and operate all channels for you, with guaranteed results.

Advanced Retargeting

01 campaign performance

Well managed campaigns that out perform the industry standard.

02 Campaign Consulting

Campaigns designed to help you reach your business goals.

03 Optimization

Campaign performance is evaluated and steered in the right direction 2-3 times per week.

04 Fraud Performance

We care about your investment and display your ads to real people, in real time.

05 Strategy

Professionally designed display campaigns engineered to maximize your return.

06 Reporting

Campaigns reports delivered and reviewed on monthly basis.

07 Brand Safety

We make sure your ads are displayed to the right audience on trusted and respectable websites.

Drive results and Increase Engagement

We Integrate clicks, engagements and other data systematically from different media channels for a proper analysis of your campaign. This drives us remarkable engagement and retention for effective retargeting campaigns.

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