Elevated Stories Experience

Adfuel+ is an end-to-end platform for brands to deliver Stories in the open web

Elevated Stories Experience
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Elevated Stories Experience

Stories Don't Have to Be
Stuck in Social

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Stories have been quickly adopted,
but brands are being forced to navigate social silos with limitations on creation, distribution and data.

Own and Deliver Stories,
Anywhere You Want

Engage customers by adding Stories to your website and app

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Increase awareness through display and native Story ads

Increased Stories

Achieve reach as big as your media plan vs. 2-5% organic reach to social followers

Ownership and

Host, own, edit, and improve endlessly vs. siloed creation with a 24-hour limit

Ideal Mobile
Experiences For All

Deliver a consistent brand approach, on or off social

Increase Attention & Repurpose Your Investment

Lean on Adfuel+ to maximize the value of your most compelling social content

¾of viewers watch 6+ frames

Lean on Adfuel+ to maximize the value of your most compelling social content

10+ Seconds & 3+ Interactions per view

Full-screen stories drive results on metrics that are highly predictive of consumer consideration, action, and purchase

9.8 Stories per month

This is what the average brand posts on instagram, content that can be seamlessly extended across the open web with Adfuel+

$0 for production

Repurpose existing assets, pay no extra in content or production costs and replace existing creative costs for mobile marketing

Do More With Your Stories In Minutes

Adfuel+ gives you all the tools to quickly scale stories on the open web

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Join the brands creating success with Adfuel+

“We were able to prove the value of adding Stories with optimized creatives to our format mix across the Instagram and Facebook family of apps. Not only were we able to increase our reach and awareness significantly, but we were also able to lower the cost of influenced people! With these insights, we are better able to deliver on our goals.”

Carolina Zoldak, Marketing Manager, Deinhandy