Direct Solutions for Cannabis Advertising

Ensure a high reach on cannabis and CBD Advertising campaigns and guarantee strong results.

A Safe, Transparent and Efficient Buying Value Chain.

Our complete CBD advertising platform has built strong relationships with major publishers and enables brands to advertise their cannabis and CBD products.


Premium Publishers

50 bn

Monthly Auctions in North America


Connections with major DSP

Manage the Market you Target!

Explore a different means of digital marketing, that allows you to market your CBD products and services, based on geo-location, look-a-like audiences and dynamic retargeting.

Location Based Targeting

Our platform allows you to engage custom audiences to reach eligible CBD consumers. Advertise certain ads and push notifications based on the date range and the location of your target audience. Serve ads to a user’s device based on selected locations within your campaign.

Is a measurement when a visitor arrives at the desired location after being served an ad from the associated campaign.

CBD Advertising
CBD Advertising
Digital Marketing Agency for CBD Advertising

Look-a-Like Audiences

Capture targeted audiences through pin-pointing customers in search of CBD products or searched for products related to the CBD market. Use this to benefit your business and weed out competitors.

Build a retargeting pool from site interactions through a search engine that allows you to drive your audience deeper into the funnel, and engage with site leads.

Dynamic Retargeting

Use real-time data using an online ordering process, that allows you to view new items, discounts, and products available. Display dynamic components that highlight your business’ products and services through customized content, interactive elements, and dynamic call to actions.

CBD Screens

Creative Tactics to Boost Your Products & Online Sales

  • Establish Brand Awareness
  •  Drive Traffic to Your Website
  •  Shop Panel: Showing Available Items
  •  Navigate Customers Directly to your Online Shop
  •  Display any in-store Promotions and Products

Market to the Right Customers

Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.

Target the audience you want, automated in one single platform.

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