Dynamic Creatives

Personalize Your Marketing Messages to Different Audience in Real-time with our Data-Driven Solution

Personalized Marketing Messages at any Scale

Our advanced Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology automates the delivery of large variations in layouts and designs which allows you to personalize messaging for prospecting or retargeting

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Dynamic Creative Optimization

Utilize Feeds to Eliminate Costly Time Overruns from your Creative Production Process.

Scrape, assemble and remix contents from your social media, websites, product catalogs/SKUs, CRMs, RSS feeds, blogs, etc. to create product or content feeds. Inject these feeds into your Dynamic Ads allowing them to adapt to your targeted audience or user journey.

Unleash Design Potential

Pro or apprentice - we upload creative assets into the Designer to assemble interactive and stylish Dynamic Ads.

Connect to many sorts of data feeds (utilizing built-in Curator) display the contents of these feeds (in ads) which can be refreshed and updated in real-time.

Efficiently generate variations of your creatives for A/B testing - discover the optimal ad for your audiences.

Adaptive, Context-Aware Ads to Improve User Experience and Engagement

Develop a personalized marketing message based on demographics, interests, location, time of day, seasonality, weather, language or other various targeting criteria to generate data-driven, highly relevant ads across your multiple channels.

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