How to Market CBD Products Like a Pro?

With many countries globally legalizing the use of marijuana, different companies have begun generating hemp products with various health benefits. For example, cannabinol oil is exacted from the cannabis plant, and it is used to treat anxiety, cancer, and epilepsy. With such benefits, the demand for these products has been increasing daily. According to, between 2014 and 2016, the US’s consumption of cannabinol products raised from $108 million to $262 million. Furthermore, it is forecasted that by the end of 20221, consumer sales of cannabinol products will be close to $1.15 billion.

For entrepreneurs desiring to sell their hemp products online through websites, such statistics indicate a bright future. However, to dodge harsh CBD advertising guidelines and boost your online visibility, you must comprehend how to sell cannabinol products digitally with and without advertising. There are different digital marketing techniques to sell marijuana products online. Utilizing social media channels such as Instagram increases not only your sales but also boosts brand awareness.

Moreover, to examine the effectiveness of the different online marketing techniques, you can use the following tools; marketing funnel, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and the Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). A marketing funnel is a model that measures the conversion rate of leads to customers. On the contrary, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) measures the aggregate cost to acquire one paying client on a marketing campaign. ROAS measures an online advert’s efficiency by dividing the gross revenue from an Ad campaign by the cost of an Ad campaign.

This article analyzes how to digitally market CBD oil to acquire more revenue by increasing sales and promoting customer satisfaction.

1. Email Marketing

Most entrepreneurs underestimate the value of email marketing promoting cannabinol products. However, did you know there are over 3 billion email users worldwide, and the number is expected to rise? Additionally, most people access their email from their mobile phones. As a result, technically embracing email marketing can help you reach your target audience and generate more sales for your cannabinol products.

By adopting email marketing, you will acquire engagers who are your lookalike audience at a lower price. Email marketing also enables you to generate and send newsletters containing cannabinol product details and product reviews, which drives the lookalike audience to your site. Besides, surveys show that 28 percent of online shoppers in America sign up for email newsletters to stay updated.

Because of this, email marketing assists you in updating your clients on the new cannabinol products available. Besides, you will be able to keep in touch with your clients, which promotes customer satisfaction.

2. Using SEO

With internet access, most people online are searching for useful details about CBD oil. Moreover, 95 percent of people only look at the first page of search results. Therefore, it is vital to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make your site’s content appear higher in search results. Moreover, using SEO strategies like appropriate keywords will generate more impressions and leads to your site, which increases sales.

It is the cheapest and most powerful digital marketing technique, and it utilizes organic results originating from various searches like image search and academic search. Nonetheless, the process is challenging, and to avoid wasting money and resources, you must consider hiring an SEO expert. Other than that, using SEO to market your cannabinoid products improves the quality and quantity of your site engagers. Besides, you will not worry about harsh advertising guidelines.

3. Content Marketing

According to Forbes, content marketing involves creating and publishing informative content in the form of blogs and articles, and it works hand-in-hand with SEO marketing. When generating content for your cannabinoid product, be creative. Come up with useful information about cannabinoid products that will drive potential clients to your website. Furthermore, this content should include keywords like the different types of cannabinoid products, the health benefits of cannabinoid products, and where to purchase them.

Apart from generating more impressions to your website, content marketing enhances the online visibility of your cannabinoid products, offers useful information to clients, and builds brand loyalty. However, for your content marketing strategy to be successful, it requires frequent updating. Always update the content at least thrice a week to maintain traffic to your site.

4. Utilizing Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are offers like free eBooks or videos given to potential clients in return for their email addresses or other contact details. It is the best strategy to acquire email newsletter subscribers, which makes your email marketing more effective. Nonetheless, you need to attach relevant information to convince potential clients to buy your products and refer them to their friends.

For instance, a lead magnet to market cannabinol products can be “5 Techniques to Suppress Anxiety” or “How Medics Use Marijuana Products to Treat Cancer.” You must also utilize platforms such as Google Search for these lead magnets to reach the target audience. Be sure to use various social media networks to boost the lead magnets and make them as informative as possible to attract attention. Embracing lead magnets to promote your cannabinol product will build brand credibility, enhance awareness of your products and make email marketing effective.

Based on surveys, 64 million Americans have used cannabinoid products in the last two years. These statistics and the fact that many countries are beginning to legalize marijuana mean that the demand for cannabinoid products will be extremely high in the next few years. Because of that, every cannabinoid entrepreneur is looking for secrets of how to market cannabinoid oil and increase their sales.

However, worry not, Adfuel Can Help You Market Cannabinoid Oil! Whether it’s your website or cannabinoid dispensary retail store, Adfuel provides data-driven cannabinoid marketing techniques to help you sell your cannabis products. We’re professional cannabis marketers with 20+ years of traditional & digital marketing experience, motivated to help cannabinoid companies grow their respective businesses with effective CBD marketing strategy.

If you’ve been struggling to market cannabinoid oil online and in retail stores, we can help you craft and manage a cannabinoid-friendly digital marketing strategy. These strategies are designed to increase online visibility, improve social media engagement, and boost revenue from your cannabinoid products.

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