Strategically Managed Investors Relation

Investors Relation to Integrating finance, communication, and marketing to enable the most effective two-way communication!

Providing Your Company with More Opportunity

White-listed sites are an ‘allowed’ group of sites where advertising is served through our platform. Custom white-list ad groups target specified websites which have relevance to your industry and your audiences associated interests.

Adfuel has experience building focused investor-specific site white-lists, for desktop and mobile campaigns.

Investors Relation

We have access to over 146 white-listed sites.

Multi-Channel Targeting

Our all in one platform allows audience building across all channels, each channel helps boost engagement throughout the overall campaign. Discovering your audience through one or more channels and re-engaging that audience across multiple channels, maximizing your marketing effort. Data-driven optimizations tune ad delivery to boost campaign efficiency - get the most out of your budget!

Multi-Channel Targeting for Investors

Extended Audience

We have access to over 10 billion impressions daily. Our inventory reaches 95%+ of all internet users. This wide breadth of inventory allows us to reach more potential users. Precision targeting places ads where they will more effectively engage your core audience.

Dynamic Ads

Our system can utilize live market data as part of your advertising strategy. Generate investment buzz by showcasing your stock prices and press releases via a live ticker – get investors to notice your company.

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Location Based Targeting for Investors

Market to the Right Customers

Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.

Target the audience you want, automated in one single platform.