Location-Based Advertising

Location-Based Ad Delivery

Powerful and Granular Location-Based Targeting Capabilities.

Deliver Marketing Messages to Areas or Events

Empower your strategy, engage and drive custom marketing to your audience with our Location-based advertising when they are at certain locations or events.

location-based advertising
Geo-fencing Advertising

Geo-Fencing of Specific Locations

Prospective users visiting specific geographical areas or locations can be engaged with ads utilizing our advanced geo-fencing capabilities.

Realize your strategic vision with data-driven targeting/re-marketing based on behaviour and visitation. Customize your ad messages and deliver them to any devices that visit your targeted zones.

Proximity and User Interests

Build your desired audience sets based on historical data covering over 1400 major cities. Target prospective users based on past visits to selected locations/events.

Ensure accurate ad delivery to your audience and gain further insight into their behaviours and interests.

location-based advertising
location-based targeting
real time proximity targeting with adfuel
GEO Fencing Advertisement Solutions Miami Florida

Real-Time Geo Targeting

Reach your desired audience at any geo-location in real-time through our geo-proximity targeting or hyperlocal marketing capabilities.

Measure Footfall To Retail Stores or Events

Track prospective users that walk into your stores and engage them in real-time. Gain insights for competitive analysis. Adfuel lets you correlate your ad impressions to actual store visits.

Quickly combine your online and offline data and launch a multi-channel campaign to uplift your footfall conversions.

measure footfall attribution
programmatic Advertising for E-commerce