Programmatic Advertising | Is it the Future of Marketing?

A Brief Intro to Digital Advertising

Are you familiar with Google ads? How about those websites at the top of your search query in Google with “ad” labeled by the domain? Or noticed those intrusive banner or video ads on YouTube or some of your other favorite websites?

If you are a smart cookie (no pun intended) and use an adblocker, let me refresh your mind. These visible ads assist businesses in getting their products or services sold to consumers browsing the Google network. 

Traditional marketing is dying and as a result, businesses are moving to the web to get their products or services noticed on a larger scale.

Google’s multi-billion company receives the majority of their revenue from online advertisements. There is a reason why and that is because it gets products or services shown and a ton of traffic to these businesses.

It sounds terrific, but there is a CACHE

However, just because it is popular, it does not mean it is 100% effective. For that reason, Google AdWords has its own pros and its cons.

In particular, it lacks strength in relation to audience targeting or identifying specific consumer characteristics and behaviors.

In other words, Google AdWords is known to show ads to unqualified audiences based on keywords and other uncertain variables.

Consequently, the lack of control ultimately contributes to a higher spend and less return on investment. If you  want to learn more, check out our Google AdWords blog here!

Nonetheless, this is where Programmatic Advertisements come in…

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising or targeted digital advertising is an advanced way of showing products or services in the digital space to highly relevant audiences. This increases your likelihood of getting site traffic and sales.

Furthermore, it enables you to pick different interest groups or keywords then put your ads in front of relevant users.

More importantly, it provides control over your advertising efforts by allowing you to pinpoint variables such as  websites, geographical locations, apps, user behaviors/interests, and device type.

The measurable and analytical nature of programmatic advertising is definitely an asset to any business owner looking for brand awareness and revenue.

It is unquestionably an innovative way to market to your audience. Imagine if you knew exactly who your ideal customer was!

How Does it Work?

Programmatic advertising software uses artificial intelligence (AI) machine-learning algorithms that deliver valuable results based on users who fit the targeting criteria.

More specifically, it has a wide-range of consumer-targeting options. It is in a continuous process of learning and analyzing which makes it a valuable marketing asset.

It also ensures maximum audience relevancy and is exactly why programmatic advertising is considered to be effective.

On the other hand, the digital space you compete for can be cheaper to bid and less competitive compared to the Google network.

Above all, you can almost guarantee the right people will see what you’re offering. It works across numerous platforms, from connected TVs, mobile devices, audio apps, desktops and more!

So am I letting artificial intelligence do all the work for me?

Over time, the algorithms, which are types of AI, will learn about consumers’ habits. These AI will learn which consumers are likely to purchase and it will redeliver ads accordingly.

The most fascinating feature of programmatic advertising is its ability to target individuals based on demographics or online behaviors in real time.

This is noteworthy for business owners for several reasons:

  1. They do not understand their target audience quite well yet
  2. Tight on time
  3. Have a limited advertising budget

However, automation is not 100% reliable. The targeting and bidding options must be constantly monitored. Digital marketers are trained in recognizing proper bidding and ad deliverance behaviors.

They ensure the campaign’s spend is effective and it is targeting relevant audiences that adhere to your marketing goals.

Adfuel can help you get started with Programmatic Advertising!

Adfuel is proud to be a licensed seller and buyer of paid media through our demand-side-platform (DSP) or programmatic advertising system.

We have had great success running programmatic campaigns for various industries across North America. When choosing to advertise with us, our team of experts ensure programmatic brand safety, inventory quality and real time reporting.

We set up campaigns based on our clients exact needs and can suggest various types of targeting options such as:

  • Geofencing
  • Audience
  • Contextual
  • Native ads
  • Retargeting
  • Mobile apps
  • Video
  • Whitelist
  • Keyword Search

Ready to take your marketing strategy to a next level?

Contact Us today and we’d be happy to help get you started on a programmatic advertising campaign!

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