A Marketing Solution for Sports Betting & Gaming Industry

With smart targeting, Adfuel can determine and differentiate between which customers are placing bets online and watching at home as opposed to traveling out to a sporting event.

The gaming industry can always benefit from deploying digital marketing strategies to increase their potential client reach.

Produce captivating digital marketing segments for your customers, and deliver increased results with precision.

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Geolocation Targeting

A digital resolution that utilizes a geo-fencing to construct a virtual barrier around a chosen, defined location for your business. The airspace data collected from the specified location utilizes consumers’ media behaviour to emanate what ads, and notifications, the user is viewing in that area.

Explore location based automated digital advertising to precisely market your products to the right customers simply by selecting a perimeter around the physical location of all relevant products and services.

Creative Retargeting

Evolve your advertising through marketing campaigns built to deliver interactive advertising that highlights content from your business. Consistently and reliably optimize your marketing segments through building engaging, dynamic ads.

Digital Marketing For Sports Betting & Gaming
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Widen Your Reach

Get more quality leads by amplifying your ads to multiple channels — social media, websites, mobile apps, all within one platform, to reach your audience wherever they are.

Audience Extension

Professionally designed to display campaigns that maximize your return on audience reach. To captivate user attention, audience segmentation uses a combination of both audience intelligence and audience targeting.

Using channels that identify your audience mediums, this digital marketing strategy allows you to not only market to a desired audience, but to build relationships with your customers for a partnership of value and relevance.

advertise your sports betting gaming app in USA
Digital advertising for sports betting and gaming

Create Campaigns to Boost Sports Betting and Gaming App or Website Awareness

  • Establish Recognition in a Targeted Area
  • Drive Traffic to Your App/Website
  • Navigate Customers Directly to App Store
  • Display Promotions of Your  Sports Betting & Gaming App.
  • Target customers that are most likely to visit Sports Stadiums/Casinos in person


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The US market for legal, regulated sports betting increased from 15 to 30 states (+ D.C.) in 2021 and is likely to continue expanding into new states. 

As legalizing spreads, Nasdaq predicts that the worldwide market for sports betting will grow by 47 percent by 2028, hitting an estimated $140 billion.


Almost $488 million was spent on advertising by the gaming sector in 2021 alone, with over two thirds of funds going toward television. 

In order to differentiate oneself from the competition, it is crucial to precisely understand, reach, and monitor sports betting consumers as the gaming sector expands quickly and advertising spend is constantly rising


Adfuel audiences & attribution can help you build and optimize your media efforts.

Adfuel Audiences:

  • •Audience behavior
  • •Proximity
  • •online interest

Adfuel Measurement:

Our team helps you win by maximizing spending, and boosting media efficiency while tracking and measuring all of your results and efforts.

Optimization Strategy

Develop insightful information that helps you target the right customers at the right time. Then use this data to strategize and deploy cross channel digital marketing campaigns. 

To enhance both the performance of your current campaign and the strategy of your next efforts, we closely measure and optimize everything for you.


To guide your activation plan, we utilize audience demographic and visitor patterns to increase campaign performance.


Create and implement customized audiences based on consumer history, current visitor patterns and proven online interests.


Engage your audience across numerous channels by utilizing programmatic, social, email, native, ATV, OTV/TTV, audio, and other channels.


Analyze your customer behaviors as a result from your marketing initiatives. Optimize your campaigns based on performance.

Betting Laws

In popular sports states including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, and Arizona, sports betting is now fully legal. 

More states are now on the horizon of fully legalizing sports betting including the likes of Florida, Ohio and California. 

Reaching sports enthusiasts in states where sports betting is now permitted is essential to fully capitalize on constantly changing trends. 

With smart targeting adfuel can determine and differentiate between which customers are placing bets online and watching at home as opposed to traveling out to a sporting event.

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular in the United States with currently over 30 states passing bills to make sports-betting fully legal.

betting Laws


The gaming industry spent more than $488 million on advertising in year of 2021. 

The top 10 firms in the gaming market by ad expenditure are all sports betting enterprises, and several of them have already engaged audiences across numerous marketing channels such as Social, DSP, and Programmatic.

TV received 70% of the gaming industry’s advertising budget in 2021, a 63 percent rise year over year.   

At adfuel we can help you manage and optimize these multi-channel campaigns. 

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adfuel sports bettinggaming August2022

Source(s):ESPN November, 2021: March 2022 | CNBC October, 2021

Consumer Targeting

Target customers that are most likely to visit Sports Stadiums in person. 

Adfuel can reach any live sports fans throughout their entire consumer journey by using unique foot traffic and affinity data. 

Target customers that are most likely to visit Sports Bars.

Adfuel can fully understand any Sports Bar attendees through their entire consumer journey by using unique foot traffic and affinity data to track user habits throughout their day both before and after visiting a sports bar.


    Many urban residential consumers will grab a drink in the stadium before, after or during the game they are attending.


    It is very common that these consumers will indulge in food and beverages as well as gambling before or after the game.


    These fans will have a higher percentage chance of using public transportation to get to and from sports stadiums.


    Many younger sports fans will host parties, tailgates or gather in large groups at a bar before, during & after the game.


    Many socialites will start their night at one sports bar and continue on to multiple other bars in one night.


    Young professionals tend to visit sports bars frequently after work hours for happy hour or a bite to eat.


    Foodies have a passion for always trying new food and drink locations, especially after going to a standard sports bar.


    College and University students are notorious for spending lots of time at sports bars cheering on their team.

Recommended Targeting

Behavioral Audiences

  • Gamblers
  • College Sports Lovers
  • NFL Stadium Attendees
  • MLB Stadium Goers
  • Live Football Fans
  • Live Baseball Fans
  • Urban Dwellers
  • Gamers & Celebratory Drinkers
  • Weekday Commuters
  • Casual Athletes
  • Socialites
  • Young Professionals
  • Foodies
  • College Students
  • Casual Athletes
  • Party Goers
  • Sweet Toothers
  • Culture Enthusiasts
  • Urban Millennial Socialights
  • Affluent Suburban Parents
  • Winter Vacationers
  • Health and Wellness Enthusiasts

Online Interest Segments

  • Fantasy Sports
  • College Sports
  • Sports News
  • Sports Scores & Stats
  • Live Sports

Recommended Proximity Segments

  • Casinos
  • College Sports Venues
  • NFL Stadiums
  • Baseball Stadiums
  • Sports Bars
  • At or nearby locations likely visited before & after a visit toa Sports Bar or Stadium

Measure & Optimize

Utilize adfuels all-in-one platform to track and optimize key campaign data to ensure you are targeting audiences most likely to engage in sports betting.

Adfuels dynamic dashboard allows you to dive deeper into your audiences and discover who is staying at home vs people who are going out to sports stadiums, bars, activity centers, etc.

Harness these key performance attributes and take your marketing to the next level!

Harness the power of adfuel’s platform to gain new insights on your customers entire purchase journey based on their conversion type and Attributions.

Online Conversions
Bet online + stays at home

Hybrid Conversions
Bet online + visits sporting locations

Offline Conversions
No online betting + visits sporting locations 

  • Online Conversions

    • Analyze consumers online behaviors
    • Track online conversions at key points
    • Understand consumer purchase journey
    • Measure user conversions after they have been exposed to media & advertisements

  • Hybrid Conversions

    • Fully understand the consumer journey to purchasing both online & offline
    • Measure all in-person visits that occur after media exposures and track conversions
    • Gain a deeper understanding of analytics

  • Offline Conversions

    • Track campaigns across all demographics
    • Fully understand the consumer journey to converting through offline data tracking
    • Key insights and data from in-person visits as a direct result of your media investment

Market to the Right Customers

Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.

smart targeting to right person


Explore unified data to advertise tailored marketing messages and tap into your desired audience.

Target the audience you want, automated all-in-one single platform.

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