Universal Platform for Digital Marketing

Harness the Power of Programmatic, Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn in One Campaign.

Unmatched Integration, Remarkable Results, Impressive KPIs

An All-Inclusive Platform Enabling Precise Real-Time Location, Behavior, and Demographic Targeting, Coupled with Diverse Advertising Solutions to Engage Consumers Effectively!

Target the Audience You Want

Pinpoint real-time location, behavior & demographics, while engaging consumers at key decision making points. Re-target people who have already shown intent, to keep driving user-engagement.

Ads That Customers Actually Care About

Adfuel™ serve’s unique customized ads based on behavior, capturing attention in all apps & browsers. More effective ads means higher ROI.

Measurable Location Driven Results

Our Geo-targeting capabilities enable you to deepen your engagement with online consumers and serve the right ad to the right person at the right time and place.

One Platform to Market Seamlessly Across the Entire User Journey

Build ads, test strategies, launch and optimize multi-channel campaigns and many more — ALL-IN-ONE

Universal Platform
Universal Platform
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Cross-Channel Marketing for Full Coverage of Digital Footprints

Promote your products and services to the desired audience using different channels for a complete engagement with a user. Social, search, display, video, OTT/CTV, our platform got you covered.
Cross-Channel Marketing

Smart Marketing Budget Allocation Across Multi-Channel in Real-Time

Adfuel helps you automate media buying (e.g. channels to bid, time and price to bid) and ad placements (i.e. where to place the ads) to enable high frequency, high speed cross-channel optimization round-the-clock.

Learns from your data to predict and dynamically adjust your marketing budget in real-time to drive higher efficiency.

Connected Tv Advertising
Universal Platform
Cross Channel Marketing & Optimization

Unified Reporting

Consolidates all your reporting and siloed data across different platforms, channels and campaigns. Save time, reduce errors, and eliminate wasteful and tedious data integration.

Gain actionable insights by analyzing all your campaigns across multi-channel. Our platform also provides you with comprehensive, and in-depth data access to let you visualize all of your data in one place.

Powerful Location-Based Targeting Capabilities with Granularity

Use proximity targeting to target property or geo levels to optimize ad campaigns. Marry demographics, interests and behavioral data to expand or narrow your targeting and more, all within our platform.

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Contextual Targeting in Cookie-less World

Adfuel contextual capabilities detects 19 most often-used written languages in the world and lets you automatically target and adjust your ads without relying on cookies for quality and contextually relevant ad placements.

Smart Bid Recommendation

Our platform recommends the best bidding strategies to you, helping you to achieve more clicks, more conversions at the optimal price while driving towards your marketing goals.

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adfuel smart recommendation
smart recommendation

Smart Fixes

No more fumbling to figure out how and where to fix the errors when arise. Our platform directly states troubleshooting fixes to the errors.

The Possibilities Are Endless!​

Unlike other existing platforms which require you learning how to operate multiple platforms, with Adfuel we take it on, and operate all channels for you, with guaranteed results.

Gather User Data

Use in-ad forms to gather user information directly from the ad. Or use the ad data to partially fill data for a larger form on your website.

Deep Linking

Integrate and pull information from your site/database directly to your ads to showcase specific content or products.

Customized Content

Utilize images, galleries, videos, live feeds, or marquees/tickers to capture user interest and create your ad for maximum impact.

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Call to Action

Dynamic text, buttons, animated or with specialized effects ensure your ads get noticed and engaged.

User Engagement and Retargeting

Track user engagement with the dynamic elements of your ads, easily reengage users who show interest at any time.

Interactive Elements

Use a variety of powerful elements like transition sliders or content tabs to maximize your ad space - deliver a big message in a small space.

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Cross-Channel Auto Optimization

Smart Bid Recommendation

Adaptive KPI Optimization

Context Understanding

Predictive Analytics