What is an email campaign? Steps to running a successful email marketing campaign!

Email Marketing

Marketing trends are changing every day and businesses have to adopt new techniques and methods to stay ahead of their competition. Different marketing strategies have different impacts on businesses and even their results and ROI are varied. Opting for the right marketing campaign for your business is very crucial as one wrong step can lead to the destruction of the brand image whereas a step taken in the right direction will lead to better growth, ROI, and more conversions.

Here in this blog, Adfuel will be sharing all about the email campaign. Various steps will be discussed that how to run a successful email marketing campaign. Email campaign can go a long way for all your business operations aiming to get success. Email marketing is adopted by many ventures not recently but for since long and it is not going anywhere in the days to come.

Now moving further and understanding the concept of email campaign. Let us first have a glance at the statistics provided by the research done by 99Firms. The research states that “with a surge in usage of social media messaging applications over the last decennium or so, 60% of consumers still choose to receive promotional messages through email, and 60% of email users have bought something after receiving promotional emails.

After this those who still think that emails are not a useful tool of marketing, they need to think again.

What is an Email Campaign?

Email campaign or Email Marketing is platform to reach out customers or build relationship with them. Emails not only promote your products or services rather help increase your brand awareness and nurture the customer relationship.

Many a time’s people get confused with the concept of Newsletters and Emails. Newsletters are different from Email campaigns. Newsletters do not promote one particular initiative as they consist of normal information and updates and are broadcasted to many.

Now you have understood what Email Campaign is, let us dig deeper to know the steps to running a successful email marketing campaign-

Step 1 – Your Goals

Whatever the marketing campaign you are going to approach first thing is your business goal. Make sure you are clear with your business goals. Continuously start with an understanding of the business needs for your brand’s whole email campaign procedure. From that point, separate those goals into single missions. For each mission, consider the particular objective you need to achieve. Email marketing is best at satisfying objectives like expanding traffic, expanding income, building brand image, and reconnecting with old clients.

When you know what you need to accomplish, decide a bunch of quantifiable measurements that line up with your objective.

Step 2 – Define Your Offer

Once you have decided to pursue your goal then it is also pertinent if you decide on a particular offer for your clients to grab their attention more. You can excite your target audience with some discount codes or offers which they can redeem during their purchase. This will also help you with knowing how many actually converted it or used it for their buying.

Step 3 – Prepare Your Target Email List

Without preparing the target list your email will be of no use. Preparing the target list will help you a lot. As this can save your time every time you will have to send anything to your people.

Step 4 – Consider Different Email Campaign Types

Understand different email campaign types and pick the best one that suits your message

  • Welcome series: messages sent to new supporters when they pursue your blog, messages, or other site content.
  • Re-engagement campaigns: a bunch of email messages sent to contacts who were once dynamic who have since quit connecting with, to attempt to bring them back into the overlay.
  • Post-buy campaigns: messages sent to clients who have as of late made a buy. There are a few distinct sorts of post-buy email campaigns. They’re a decent chance to feature comparative contributions or request that your clients draw in with you via web-based media.
  • Seasonal campaigns: email advancements conveyed at a specific season, for example, a fall back-to-class themed email crusade.

Step 5 – Frame Subject Line

Make sure the email you are going to send has attention-grabbing subject lines. First fame a subject line and then try to craft your email. Sometimes the subject line is not clear or not delivering the right message to the readers then the chances of that email being deleted or not read would be more. So in order to grab more attention make sure your subject line is framed in a way that the readers can be glued to it and read your email carefully.

Step 6 – Craft Your Email

Once you are done framing your subject line the next step is crafting your email. Make sure the content is not too much. It should deliver a clear and concise message. Don’t try to stuff too many messages in your mail. If you want to deliver more messages through email then Adfuel will recommend you to break down the message and send it through different mails.

Your messages ought to be steady with your brand’s image, and the entirety of the messages in your mission ought to go together. Your messages don’t need to coordinate with the remainder of your showcasing materials precisely. In any case, the reader ought to have an idea to perceive that it’s you on the plan. Utilize one of your particular tones, textual styles, and try to incorporate your logo or brand name.

An all-around planned email is a chance to flaunt your image and support the clients’ image fondness.

Step 7 – Email Testing

Before sending it to your final target list make sure you send it to yourself to check whether it’s working properly or not. If you have inserted any images or hyperlinks, just check are they working correctly or not. You can even forward it to your co-workers as well in order to get feedback about its format, links working, or any other aspects which can cause a bad image to your brand if sent incorrectly.

Step 8 – Schedule it

Individuals have many suppositions about the best and ideal time to send an email, however, it relies upon your intended target group. Consider when they’re well on the way to check their inbox and make a point to represent diverse time regions!

Not certain when the best opportunity to send is? Test it!

Once in a while, it’s ideal to send an email when different brands are less inclined to focus on a similar individual’s inbox. Evaluate two distinctive time allotments (like 7 am and 10 am) throughout a committed time frame (contingent upon the number of messages you intend to send – the more you send, the more information you can gather in a more limited time frame) and measure your outcomes.

Pick the best time and test it against some other time until you are certain that you’ve validated an ideal sending time for your crowd.

Step 9 – Measure the results

Last but not the least, measure your results. Don’t forget to trace the results before the plan and after your email marketing plan. With different online software’s you can get to know about the open rate, click-through rate and many more things. This would help you get insights of a present campaign to the past campaigns.

Before we wrap things up, if you are planning on an email campaign for your business then don’t forget to include these above-mentioned 9 steps. These can help you achieve your desired goals and scale up your business.

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