What is Cross Channel Marketing and How you can implement it?

cross channel marketing

It is wrong to say that traditional marketing tactics vanished with the emergence of digital advertising strategies. Traditional advertising ways still prevail but utilization of many new advertising ways are giving businesses newer heights by not only creating awareness among the populace rather generating more leads and hiked sales.

Here in this blog, Adfuel will provide you with the details about Cross Channel Marketing and how you can implement it for better results and insights. 

cross channel marketingBefore going ahead let us first understand what cross-channel marketing is. Cross Channel marketing is all about joining together varied marketing channels that work in a way creating unity among every channel by having a logical progression for the target audience. It helps in progressing from one phase to another. The message you want to deliver to your end customers travelling through different channels mustn’t be affected. But on the other hand, many get confused between cross-channel marketing and omnichannel marketing. No doubt omnichannel also utilizes various marketing channels to interact with the buyers but mostly they lack unity.

For Instance-

Assume a person reads a blog on your site concerning the adequacy of utilizing a specific item to keep away from a particular issue. He will get an advertising email concerning that specific product sometime later which contains declarations of individuals who have recovered from a particular problem by utilizing that product.

The following morning, he will see advertisements of the item while looking through his FaceBook. This is what occurs with cross-channel advertising. Since various channels work following one another. With this Brand, impressions can be made rapidly.

You will have an obvious comprehension of the adequacy of your advertising endeavours according to a more extensive point of view.

Why utilize cross-channel marketing?

In the present scenario, it is really difficult to stay ahead of your competitors. Digital selling has made it easy and difficult both for the sellers to sell their product with different marketing tactics. To have better growth and stay ahead among all, the first aspect is to understand your target persona. Until and unless you don’t know who is your target audience then all your efforts will go in vain. This will be not only a waste of time, rather the marketing strategies will go in the wind and the owner will just have a hope that something will land someday.

So the target audience plays a vital role as the seller can be in touch with them and understand their needs by knowing the channels from where they are getting the information on their purchase. Along with this you also get to know how they want to get the information (i.e. what differentiates you from the advertisements that they actively ignore).

Cross- Channel marketing assists to address this issue by meeting your clients where they’re at and in an arrangement that is not prone to be ignored. Thusly, you will be:

  • Expanding engagement with your content by customizing each touch highlight oblige your individual leads
  • Further developing client reliability
  • Making it simpler to contextualize singular channel insights with overall ROI
Ways to create a compelling cross channel marketing and how to start with it

If you are implementing cross-channel marketing then some necessary things needed to be considered to get success.

  • Create buyer persona

It is crucial to know what your customers need is before planning for any marketing strategy. For this purpose, it is must create a buyer persona that will include all the information related to their behaviours, preferences, mode of communication and all buying habits. This will give clear insight and you can plan your cross-channel marketing strategy more compelling.

By investing more time into this you will also get to know their likes and dislikes. Think beyond the classic customer behavioural patterns to come up with a wide range of buyer profiles. Make sure you recall, the better you know each of your buyers, the more accurate your strategy will be.

  • Use platforms that complement each- other

It is a verifiable truth among the advertisers that a few channels work better together than the others. By joining the channels through which your crowd interfaces, you will want to procure the most extreme out of your promoting endeavours.

Probably the most notable multi-channel promoting pairings are:

  • PC/Mobile
  • Television/Mobile
  • PC/TV
  • Radio/Mobile
  • PC/Radio

PC/Mobile is the most mainstream matching during work hours (9 am- 5 pm). This has the most reduced movement at the end of the week.

Also, TV/Mobile shows the best outcome from the evening to late evening (5 pm – 11 pm)

  • Create your content with the particular excursion of the buyer

The journey of a buyer is extraordinary, and every one of them ought to be dealt with unexpectedly. For this, you should plan the content accurately to coordinate with client needs.

Say, for instance:

If a client added something in the cart and then leaves it, you could send him an email after that offering him a rebate/discount coupon alongside a list of items that he may be keen on purchasing.

Sending “Thank you messages” to your clients after they have bought the item.

Alongside this, you could add personalization to work on your deals. Details report that about 84% of clients said that being treated as an individual is appropriate for changes.

  • Utilize your social media

Social media is quite possibly the most utilized channel of communication among clients and brands.

Practically, these days all organizations have social media channels as a piece of their promoting systems to have a special interaction with their clients.

By utilizing the force of online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, advertisers can connect more with their crowd by utilizing outwardly amazing pictures and catchy content.

Nearly 32% of advertisers have opined that visual content has a more positive impact on the perusers.

This, thus, will assist with expanding brand mindfulness, work on the commitment and lift the number of transformations.


The availability of different marketing channels makes it difficult for business owners to opt for the right marketing channel to analyze their data and figure out the results from the media channels used.

Cross channel marketing is a right marketing strategy for effective results. This marketing tactic will help you with number of things including good brand awareness, generating leads and driving higher sales.

This is all about the cross channel marketing. If you have anything else or something to add then do let us know

So that the business owners can be benefit with better results. Contact Adfuel for expert cross channel marketing strategies that unify your campaigns and drive superior results.

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