What is Universal Advertising?

Between Facebook ads, television commercials, Google Search ads, and the numerous other advertising channels available, how do you decide where to put your advertisements? With Universal Advertising platforms like Adfuel’s, you don’t have to choose.

Advertise Everywhere

Platforms like Adfuel’s allow marketers to run the same campaign across more than one channel, targeting the same audience with the same messaging. That means that if a campaign succeeds with a given audience on Google Search, marketers can immediately retarget that demographic on Facebook and Instagram. Those retargeted campaiagns see higher conversion rates and an overall greater return on ad spend. Retargeting also allows for more dynamic campaigns that target a lookalike audience with fresh messaging. By advertising universally, marketers broaden their reach and accelerate new customer acquisition.

Organize and Innovate

Marketers can’t make fast, smart decisions if they don’t know what campaigns they are running. Unfortunately, many marketing leaders have a difficult time keeping track of every campaign running across their many platforms. Those leaders make slower and less-informed changes to their strategy, and it all stems from the disorganized approach many marketing organizations take to multi-platform advertising. With Adfuel’s single, universal platform, marketing leaders don’t face this problem. Instead, they can focus on the high-level decisions they should be spending their time thinking about. They can craft nuanced strategies for finding their ideal audience and remarketing to that audience across multiple advertising channels. Universal platforms allow marketing leaders to create the quality work they know they are capable of.

Implement Immediately

Once marketing leaders make a decision, their team needs to implement it as quickly as possible. The rapidly changing world we live in creates the need for swift and dynamic action in response to current events. The reach of many marketing efforts is limited by the marketing team’s ability to manage the many campaigns they run at once. If that team can control their messaging across marketing channels on one platform, they can respond quickly to present needs and manage a wider breadth of campaigns at the same time. That means that every campaign will be more efficient and impactful than they would with a slower implementation.

Adfuel’s Universal Advertising Platform makes all of this possible today. Marketers can run the same campaign across multiple channels, retarget the same audience with advanced data insights, and track their initiatives through a single reporting system. Adfuel is the fastest, easiest way to boost conversions and maximize a marketing department’s return on their ad spend.

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