Your Business SHOULD Be Advertising During the Pandemic

Advertising During the Pandemic: Pointless or Productive?

2020 has birthed a series of life-changing events. In particular, the coronavirus or “covid-19” respiratory virus is one of these adverse global phenomenon. It put millions out of jobs and billions of dollars worth of business revenue lost within the span of a few months. With all the negativity that has been circulating, it can feel impossible to get back up on your feet. But on the contrary,  New York Times has reported an increased in e-commerce traffic and a multitude of industries prospering during these times. Restaurant delivery, electronic stores, grocery delivery services,  and several other businesses have increased business during social distancing and quarantine. Saving money will definitely be an obvious strategy here but there are other productive ways to retain and grab new customers. Business owners can actually use the global situation as a marketing opportunity for bringing in traffic and generating sales by following these examples.   

Covid-19: The Harbinger of Opportunity?

What you hear on the news or from other business owners may sound pessimistic but there is actually a positive side to all of this. Everyone is using the internet to help maintain social distancing. Why should business owners be advertising during the pandemic you ask? The increased internet usage on desktop & mobile platforms due to quarantine and social distancing is an incredible marketing opportunity! Knowing this, business owners and entrepreneurs can use micro-moments and other marketing strategies to get their business recognized quickly. After coronavirus is over, you will get more customers accessing your business because they have learned about it online. Having a digital marketing strategy during this time will be more advantageous for you in the long term. Here are several affordable marketing strategies that make advertising during the pandemic affordable and beneficial.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is a Long Term Asset

SEO should be one of the first steps a business owner should do to get their website noticed on Google. It is definitely a long term investment that takes time. But regardless of the global situation, it will help your business get recognized.

If optimized correctly, you will rank for search queries for your niche and appear at the top of Google. This gets you discovered faster and it builds trust because of your visibility in Google. 

It involves designing  a website for your business then strategically placing keywords, images, meta-tags, meta-descriptions, inbound links, and back links that relate to your niche to increase the likelihood of Google noticing you.

Search engine optimization is virtually costless unless you want to do in-depth keyword or competitor research. Having a smart and innovative SEO strategy will let customers find you quickly and let you outrank your competitors in your industry.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media is an incredible asset to a business owner’s marketing strategy. Social platforms are free and it is one of the most popular forms of online marketing in the world!

According to Statista, the North American social network usage rate was approximately 70% of the general population.

Additionally, you should be advertising on social media that your target audience uses to give you the best return on investment. For example, if you are a landscaping business, use Facebook because mid to older aged individuals are more likely interested in home improvement and tend to use it much more compared to other social media platforms.

You should also engage with  your audiences on your social platforms because it shows your business cares. It will retain current customers and draw in new ones by doing so.

73% of marketers believe that social media has been effective in their advertising campaigns. Determining your target audience and keeping engagement is crucial in the process of advertising during the pandemic.

Video Marketing Actually Works

Customers need to see your products and services in action and video marketing is the way to go about it.

You don’t need an expensive camera or fancy equipment to do such. There are many affordable and free options out there. Phones are more than enough to demonstrate what your business offers.

51% of marketers have claimed video to be the type of content that receives the best return on investment. This includes photography as well.

When making video marketing content, you have to come up with an outstanding introduction that will catch the attention of clients.

However, people have short attention spans and keeping them as short as possible will prevent them from bouncing away.

Utilizing a Retention Strategy

Maintaining current customers in your business is essential. During periods of prosperity, new customers help businesses expand and grow. But during stagnant, economically suppressed times, existing customers will be one of your biggest assets.

Businesses have a 5-20 percent chance of converting new customers compared to 60-70 percent conversion rate with existing customers.

Promoting your business’s brand initiative and showing the “why” behind your company will show to your customers  that you care and are committed to serving them.

Existing customers should be treated just as importantly as obtaining newer customers. You must retain their loyalty by staying in touch with them consistently.

This may include creating helpful content that reinforces why they are your customers in the form of blogs, webinars, tutorials and so forth.

Ultimately, you can send them emails on future promotions that include new products or services  and follow up on new or existing customers to accentuate the customer experience.   

Sales Funnel – Mind Over Matter

Through this method, you will guide your customers through the sales funnel and land them exactly where you want them in the sales journey. Sales and advertising during the pandemic does not have to be harder than it should be.

However, the number one mistake many make when trying to retain customers or obtain new ones is seeming desperate or anxious. Salespeople submit to their anxiety and the feeling of scarcity during these economically difficult times.

Here are a few examples of bettering your sales efforts during Covid-19:

  1. Upselling additional services or products
  2. Extend contracts
  3. Promote the use of referrals 

Prospects can sense desperation which weakens the strength and confidence of their sales pitch. Understanding your own mind will assist you in closing a deal with a prospect.

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